AFL fantasy footy websites

Top 10: Sites to help your AFL fantasy footy team

My first Top 10 is my favourite sites to help pick your AFL fantasy team (Supercoach, Dreamteam or otherwise).

Aptly named, the site for anyone who’s not numerically challenged and wants to add a bit more science to their selection.  Above the information you can get on other sites, the TooSerious stats page has the expected value movement for the next round and three rounds for every player.  Makes it easy jump onto players and cash in on their price rises.

2. FanFooty

THE way to take in all the fantasy footy action, especially over the weekend when the site turns to match mode.  The icons highlight all the key information you need in an extremely digestible way.  The site’s weekly podcast by Monty and Molly, The Coaches Box, runs for about an hour each Wednesday night and reviews every game of the past round with fantasy relevant news (see here).


Probably the best site in terms of content quantum, with a blog to cover fantasy analysis of every game as well as a separate blog to dissect players injuries as they happen and selection issues on Thursdays and Fridays.  Also has an injury list and a substitute scoreboard so you can track which players have been green or red vested for the year.

4. Footy Tragic

Besides the standard fantasy coverage, has a weekly Reserves Wrap post to discuss a handful of prospective AFL players from each club and how they performed in the VFL and other second tier competition.  Includes fantasy scores for those players for the VFL, SANFL and WAFL.  The Footy Tragic Show also screens on Channel 31 every Thursday at 9pm (meaning that as of last week it’s now up against both Before the Game on Ten and the Supercoach Show on Fox Footy).

5. Footy Utopia

The FU team of Ticket, Dogmat, Bouza and Rosie Underpants has a show on SEN at midnight every Tuesday night (i.e. Wednesday morning) which is vodcast-able via their website.

6. Jock Reynolds

A self-proclaimed fantasy footy ‘consultant’, Jock’s blog covers all the standard fantasy issues plus a weekly podcast.  The blog posts generate plenty of comments and discussion too so are worth a look.

7. SuperCoach Talk

Blog covering the standard fantasy footy issues with a few updates each week on captaincy, good buys and rookies.

8. AFL Feeds

Get all of your news updates here, with feeds of AFL stories sourced a multitude of news sites and blogs.  Includes a Fantasy tab for those particular stories.

9. Fantasy Football Club

Another blog with good fantasy coverage including rookies, fringe players and trade targets.  4 or 5 posts a week.

10. Footywire

Footy news in both fantasy and real (non-fantasy) form.  In addition to the ordinary stats, it now has a value ranking system which sorts players by the amount of SC/DT points a player averages per $100k of price to help find a bargain.