Sports team payrolls

Watching Moneyball got me thinking about what other teams, besides the Yankees, have ridiculously high payrolls.

No surprises – the entire top 10 rosters by payroll are either soccer or baseball teams!

1. Barcelona FC, $217m (La Liga)

2. New York Yankees, $198m (MLB)

3. Real Madrid, $195m (La Liga)

4. Manchester City, $185m (EPL)

5. Philadelphia Phillies, $175m (MLB)

6. Boston Red Sox, $173m (MLB)

7. Bayern Munich, $170m (Bundesliga)

8. Chelsea, $170m (EPL)

9. Los Angeles Angels, $154m (MLB)

10. AC Milan, $153m (Serie A, Italy)

Beyond MLB and the top European football teams, the next highest from other sports and leagues are:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers, $150m (NFL) (11th overall)
  • Boston Celtics, $80m (NBA) (70th overall)
  • Buffalo Sabres, $72m (NHL) (82nd overall)
  • Gold Coast Suns, $9m (AFL) (218th overall)
  • Kolkata Knight Riders, $9m (IPL) (219th overall)

Interestingly, Kolkata ranks 36th when the teams are listed according to players’ average weekly pay.  The average Kolkata player receives about $80,000 a week, given that the IPL competition only lasts for around 6 weeks.

For more detail on the ESPN The Magazine/SportingIntelligence Global Salary Survey, click here.